Free HTML + CSS Templates

Simple and beautiful template that immediately displays the necessary information.

The archive has 6 different color schemes. The theme is very neat and harmonious.

Free, responsive, clean design template. Suitable for the provision of their services coma

Simple and beautiful HTML + CSS template for portfolio. All sources in the archive.

Beautiful and unusual shadow effect for text. Implemented in CSS3.

Download a free icon set of 202 pieces.

There are 100 different icons in the collection.

A complete set of 60 pieces with all sources.

Ready collection of font weather icons from 208 pieces. All sources are included.

Nice calendar with a choice of date, a kind of backlight and a multi-page effect.

Dark date pop-up with a smooth navigation bar.

Mini menu with drop-down list.

Dark Horizontal menu with multi-colored hover and active effects on the buttons.

Elegant Tabbed Menu and Drop-down list free download.

Simple Vertical menu with icons, counters and submenus.

Brilliant, Horizontal menu with light buttons in three states.

Bright, Horizontal navigation menu. 3 button states.

Light, Sidebar with three states of buttons.

A simple navigation solution with colorful notification icons.

A clean and simple form with an elegant focus.

Shape in a dark style with an unusual login button.

Simple and attractive Subscription form.

Elegant Contact form with a custom drop-down menu and a round submit button.

A clean and simple order form with credit card fields. Download for free.

Lingering shape with fresh flowers and a subtle 3D effect.

Ready Registration form with a choice of gender in the form of a switch.

Set of multicolored buttons. 3 states and 8 colors.

A set of multi-colored 3D buttons in three states. Normal, active and hovering.

A set of three 3D buttons with counters.

A set of multi-colored buttons with an arrow. 3 states. 3 colors.

A set of 3 social buttons. For Twitter, Facebook and RSS. 3 states.

A small set of dark, round buttons using CSS3 transform. 2 styles: included and off

Simple buttons for user login / registration. Download for free.

Photon is a set of user interface design tools for creating a complete

A modern blog chalon created by designer Luka Cvetinovic and developer Loyd Daniels.

Bootstrap template with a simple minimalist design, fully adapted for mobile devices

Kreo - free customized template for agencies, companies, freelancers, also

The elegant design of a one-page site is based on the Bootstrap framework, is full

Modern free HTML5 / CSS3 template on Bootstrap using smooth animation (animate.

Adaptive template in the style of minimalism. Great for demonstrating your portfolio on the web

This template belongs to the industrial category. The design is made in the style of Flat.

Modern, adaptive template Heavy Industry is developed on Twitter Bootstrap, the design is made in

This template is a landing page in a modern clean minimal style,

The Cardio template is fully adapted to the mobile device, made in clean design styles.

Adaptive template landing page portfolio on HTML5 and CSS3.

Free UI Kit in the style of Flat Design together with HTML based on

Flat UI Free based on the Twitter Bootstrap 3 framework, this template contains m

Adaptive HTML5 and CSS3 template is perfect for creative studios and agents

CSS transitions and CSS animations . Spread the menu to full screen.

After clicking on the button, it is transformed into a modal window in full screen.

This template is perfect for demonstrating a portfolio of webdesigner, photographer and others.

A free responsive template for a portfolio site with a nice clean design.

Due to the emergence of new effects and elements in CSS, we can make amazing effects on the web article

Horizontal menu on CSS3. Works in Firefox 4, Safari 5, Chrome 13, Opera 10, IE 9.

A stylish calendar created on a simple HTML table and CSS3.

Even and odd lines are highlighted with the : nth-child pseudo-class:nth-child

HTML Table with rounded corners and highlighting lines when hovering over CSS3.

Simple search form that transforms into a page.

CSS3 buttons, work in browsers Firefox 4, Safari 4, Chrome 14, Opera 10, IE 7

User interface SB Admin 2 on Twitter Bootstrap download.

A small script that allows you to drag the image smoothly.

Dark blue Login form for Facebook.

Going panel with vertical menu in the style of Google Nexus Page from Codrops.

The background image changes proportionally depending on the width of the browser window.

Templates for buttons without text.

Horizontal menu with a wide dropdown box on CSS3.